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Karst Beach

Make A Splash with the Whole Family!

Coming 2017 - 2018...Stay tuned for more information.

For inquiries:
[email protected]


CRS Construction is moving dirt on the future Karst Beach. Earth moving in the future sites and cabin areas as well.

We have had a few good days without rain. The dirt is moving...unfortunately the beach area filled back up with water during those last storms. Pumping again. I was told today by a heavy equipment operator that the best months to dig a pond are months that don't contain the letter "R". Let's see...July, August...let's keep our fingers crossed. The new Ranger Station is coming along nicely on the inside. Digging for the utilities has been a hold up though.
Future Karst Beach

Another drenching storm about 1:00 am. We almost had the entire beach area pumped out and now it is full again with the last few days or rains.

Guessing 1.5 to 2 inches of rain just fell and still coming down.

More heavy rains on 07.04.17 and today. (sigh)

Our expansion construction is lagging way behind schedule, and we are as disappointed as all of you are. The construction contracts called for Karst beach, our new splashbeach area, to be complete no later than May 15. Unfortunately the heavy spring rains totally ruined that timing. With the high clay content of our soil we need a minimum of 3-4 days to dry out after a rain before we can start moving earth again. Between March 1 and May 15 we were only able to move dirt in the splashbeach area 4 days. Then we got back to back rains of about 3" total and filled up everything we had managed to complete so far.

We pumped out over 1,500,000 gallons of rainwater and runoff accumulations and still didn't empty the new pond area. Then we got hit with another rain. Then the pump burned out. My word, if it could happen to delay us it did. We finally managed to convince the earthwork contractor to put in berms to keep any runoff from the area out of the work zone, and replacement parts for the pump arrived today.

My personal best estimate of what still need to be done up there is about a month of work. We need the following completed:
Complete berms and drainage around the pond area.
Pump out current standing water
Sunny windy days to dry the dirt enough to get bulldozers back in there.
3-5 days of earth movement - dig the rest of the deep end, get back to grade from rain washouts, spread clean dirt 9-12" over entire area, pack. inspect for rock shards that could puncture the liner.
Install 2.5 acre rubber liner; temporarily anchor with 1,000 sandbags.
Seal and anchor liner.
Spread 72,000,000 lbs of washed sand 12" deep throughout the pond and beach areas.
Add water - about 2,500,000 gallons. Well and City water combination.
Prepare walking path around entire splashbeach area.
Install night security lights.
Install security fencing.
Install WIBIT for deep area play, safety ropes for shallow area.
Lifeguard stations, beach umbrellas, lifejackets stand, etc.

It is a lot to do. Again, we are as disappointed by the delays as we believe you probably are. If you are coming to Jellystone in July please do not expect Karst Beach to be open. If this means you wish to cancel or postpone your visit, ALL CANCELLATION FEES WILL BE WAIVED IF YOU GIVE US 7 DAYS OR MORE NOTICE. If you are coming the first week of July, please let us know by July 3 and we will waive all cancellation fees.

We apologize for these delays. The rains have been a major problem causing extensive contractor delays from our May 15 contract date.


Bill & Kay Pott
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park of Mammoth Cavve

Here comes what is left of Tropical Storm Cindy. 

1.5 to 2 inches of more rain today which equals more delays.

06.13.17 The Spring rains have delayed this project tremendously. We have had a stretch of sunny days and hoping this will help dry up the area so we can put down the liner. We have literally pumped millions of gallons of water out of the pond area. We are all very disappointed that this beach isn't up and running at this point. Thanks for your understanding.

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